Monday, March 26, 2012


Here is a Kickstarter* for an awesome project, specifically geared towards Burning Man. This is solar powered, controlled by the individual (vs. ours by a driver), all terain, fits both tradition and electric wheelchairs, and charges electric wheelchairs while riding.
He has one made that he wants to update and another to build. This is what we're all about at 4A: Alter Abled Access Advocacy. We ask that you think about supporting this individual's desire to help the Alter-Abled move around with more ease.



*Kickstarter is an awesome website that ask for small donations (with small perks) to fund projects rather than looking for mass donations.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunshine Livin'

Gene, Gavin & the kids at the Family Reunion.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Critical Mass


Both the Grey Bike and the Blue Bike went to Critical Mass in San Francisco a few years back. This is a short video taken by Tesla (riding in the Grey Bike) of Mike and David in the crowd of bikes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Countdown to OCF!!

Countdown to our big event! Oregon Country Fair!

Grandma Gave Us Empathy, Grandpa Gave Us Bikes

We're a family, and as a family we were influenced and raised by many people, but most of all: Grandma and Grandpa (Mom and Dad to some).

Grandma June was a loving soul, and old soul, and understanding soul. She taught us to care for others and love them no matter what. To help people in need. She was hesitant of the bikes, but always supported her kids (and everyone else's) through all their endeavors. She passed away right after the Grey Bike was finished. She was a passenger once after her surgery (pictured below). Without her passion for life, we wouldn't be the caring family we all are, intent on helping the alter abled access the fair and work with 4A.

Grandpa Frank is 94 and still going strong. He's a strong man, and we're all convinced he was part of the circus. (We've got plenty of stories and love to share them, just ask!) Below is Grandpa on an intense mountain biking trip with some of his kids and grand kids. He was over 70 at the time. (You can see Grandpa again featured in the "Our Passengers" page).

He was the one who taught Gene to ride a bike backwards. He was the one who caught us when we couldn't stop our bikes because they were too big. He took us to the "whoop-dee-doos" and gave us the inspiration to ride them. He didn't do this just for his kids. This was done for his kids, their friends, his grandkids and their friends. He been known to ride a few times with his great-grand-kids when he feels up to it. Without Grandpa, we wouldn't be the biking family we are.

Here he is at 93, Sneaking a Ride on the Grandkid's Bike